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Where poetry dies

Between tears I do not cry
Between words I do not speak
Between thoughts I dare not think

That’s where poetry lies

Beneath facts and measurements
Beneath productivity and stress
Beneath coping mechanisms and denial

That’s where poetry hides

Covered by criticism and self doubt
Covered by punishment and fear
Covered by demands and failure

That’s where poetry dies

Before I got my eye installed

Before I got my eye installed
I put out
to whoever cooed me

I liked
as much
– well –
to hear
their voice

I see that now

As other creatures that have eyes
have said
I wasn’t blind
as much
as deaf

And know
that I repent – no
Any other way

But were it told to me
that today
one day
I might have the roars of the sky for mine

I tell you that my heart would trade

A split second of sight
for the thrill
one size
one fill

All of me
All the meadows
Mine to deafen
– The mountains
Mine to reverberate
– Mine!

All forests
All stintless stars
All as much as -oh

The sight of noon
a split second
as I could
– trade

Take me
I have a fair use policy
between my finite eyes
I don’t mind the motions

I will focus on
the sound of the dipping birds
on the grind of
the morning’s amber road

Take me
for mine

When they installed my eye
I got to look at

When I liked one
I would coo them
but the news wore off

Any sound would strike me dead
– almost
a surprise –
so –
safer I guess
to trade

With just my soul
at risk
opon the window pane

Where other creatures
put out
their eyes incautious of the sun


The day 5 prompt for #NaPoWriMo suggested to find an Emily Dickinson poem and alter it. Here’s the original, called Before I got my eye put out: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/182805

Today’s prescription

three lunges—————————–be told
two planks——————————- what to do
five seconds —————————- to get better
times series —————————–reduce fatigue
stress reduction ———————–feel fit
neuro plasticity ————————cope

Tomorrow’s schedule
will be different
yet the same

outdoor activity ————————-helpful indeed
never mind the weather ————-my body is thankful
individual session ———————-someone finally got it moving
group session —————————-my mind is reassured
yanking ourselves———————- to get help
out of our misery ———————–and not struggle alone
by the hairs ——————————-yet I’m irritated
it’s between the ears ——————to the bone
what messes us up ———————full of resistance

Each day I’m exhausted
proud of making changes
fed up with the time it takes

writing poems —————————prescription followed
is an act of defiance ——————-check
protesting the void ———————escaped into creation
reclaiming imagination—————-check

The prompt for #OctPoWriMo day 9  is to write about why you are choosing to continue to write poetry now.

He craved poetry

As he was waiting
for the delivery man
his mouth watered

He pictured how the
carefully chosen words
would fill his stomach

How his blood sugar
would rise from
the rhythm of the sentences

How the line spacing
would nourish him

What the aftertaste
would be like

What took him so long?
The poem would be cold
by the time it arrived