portret.angelaI started this blog to share some of the short stories I wrote. I wrote them to my own suprise, since I hadn’t written since I was a child. Or actually, since secondary school when a teacher was lovely enough to hand out “write a story about…” as punishment for some misbehaviour.

The writing, just happened, because of a creativity course I was in. I entered it because I was interested in how the e-learning would take place, not believing I had much creativity in me. I don’t know exactly how I happened to write that first story, called sinus people pals. It had something to do with a strange combination of words that somebody wrote, that had me wonder what story could be in there.

Chances are big you found this blog because of a poem. I never expected to write poems. Never ever. I thought I didn’t like poetry. At the same time I admired the wordsmithry of poetry so much that I was convinced you can only do that in your own language. I’m Dutch, so English is a language I started learning at the age of 12.

I loved writing when I was a child, and I’m happy it’s back in my life. I love to play with words, I enjoy the challenge of writing in English, and I love the surprise of an unfolding story or poem. I never know what I’m writing about until I do it.

The basics: I live in the Netherlands, I work as Procrastination Coach, I’ve turned 40 this year, and I have a for year old son who is a wizard with words. When I feel bad. I turn to music. When I feel good, I love to reinforce it with music.

If I can recommend one of my stories, it’s this one: she cried when I met her. It’s special to me because it was inspired by a drawing/pyrography. The picture (it’s on the page) stuck in my mind. I had to wrestle to find the story, but I did and it’s the second story I wrote.

I’d also like to recommend one of my first poems, unfinished business. I wrote it around the time I wrote that short story, and the picture of words filling a bath is still in my mind. I’m SO sorry I can’t draw that poem). I have written more poems since that are dear to me, like This one’s dedicated to you, love hunter. I’ve written short ones, long ones, brutal ones, sweet ones, weird ones, whatever. They are such a lovely chaos that I can’t even categorise them.

I vividly remember how shy I was about my writing. It seems strange that my poems are published in many different places now. I’ve listed them here. Most dear to my heart is the book that I’ve made with my mother. She’s a prize-winning photographer. Combining my poems with her work has created something that the both of us experience as new and exciting work.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Barbara Langworthy

    This is the second time I’ve read this story, and each time I get shivers. It’s quite amazing. Primal. I think you should send your poems (especially this one) and stories for publication in The Sun literary magazine. It’s based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and is a beautiful magazine. You have a way of carving words into complex, real, universal emotions.

  2. Angela van Son Post author

    Thank you so much Mike! A friend of mine gave my Szymborska’s work for my birthday and I loved it.

    If I’d read her stuff when I was in high school I’m sure I’d never have stopped reading poetry. Now I hadn’t even heard of her, I’m embarrased to say. To be called in one sentence with her is quite a special experience.

  3. Erna van Lingen VisiePoint

    Dear Angela,

    Touching to the core, your writing and poems. Thank you for these precious gifts. With love and full of pride I placed them on my website. Thank you so much for what you give us. #wordpearls

    Warm regards,


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