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Why? Why? My son’s on repeat
I don’t know, I say, and, … repeat
But what if? As always, he won’t give up
And for the umptieth time, I have to repeat

Please leave my brain alone, I need a break
let me breathe, stop asking questions, I repeat

Why? He asks. And corrects himself: For how long?
For at least ten minutes, do you understand, please repeat?





Why? I ask
I don’t know, he says
I give up, I reply


I tried a ghazal but digressed (the prompt a few days ago): A ghazal is formed of couplets, each of which is its own complete statement. Both lines of the first couplet end with the same phrase or end-word, and that end-word is also repeated at the end of each couplet.

The prompt for today was to write a letter. I vaguely remembered writing a correspondence poem once so I searched for it. It turns out that was the one that made me featured participant last year 🙂 It’s a bit crazy, and you can find it here.

Unheard of

The sound of silence was ringing in my ears
drowning out all other noise
like the words you said

You did what? Say it again.
You did what?
Say it again.
You did…

oh, look at that cloud, it’s shaped like an apple tree,
the windfall apples scattered at its trunk,
the worms singing songs of decay,
reminding us of rotten leafs,
sugar turning into alcohol

What did you say again?
You did what?

I had only seen the preview of #OctPoWriMo day 5. Now I’ll go and read the prompt 🙂 It has something to do with autumn.