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Curiosity found love on Mars

Extra, extra, read all about it
Curiosity found love on Mars
Nasa expects life next

Day 4. The prompt was to write about love without using the word love. I digressed. And I wrote Einstein was right: love has amazing properties straight after this one.

Wrong choice

What a waste, he sighed
What a waste

We said ‘no’ a thousand times
yet you will not listen

We said ‘yes’ a million times
yet you do not care

We listened limitlessly
yet you feel unheard

We explained everything
yet you know nothing

Maybe it’s my mistake, she said
I shouldn’t have chosen in vitro furbilisation

(Probably my first slightly SciFi poem)

(This Furby lives at http://delirioalcolico.deviantart.com/art/furby-and-his-joint-40933588)