Today’s prescription

three lunges—————————–be told
two planks——————————- what to do
five seconds —————————- to get better
times series —————————–reduce fatigue
stress reduction ———————–feel fit
neuro plasticity ————————cope

Tomorrow’s schedule
will be different
yet the same

outdoor activity ————————-helpful indeed
never mind the weather ————my body is thankful
individual session ———————-someone finally got it moving
group session —————————-my mind reassured
yanking ourselves———————- to get help
out of our misery ———————–and not struggle alone
by the hairs ——————————-yet I’m irritated
it’s between the ears ——————to the bone
what messes us up ———————full of resistance

Each day I’m exhausted
proud of making changes
fed up with the time it takes

writing poems —————————prescription followed
is an act of defiance ——————-check
protesting the void ———————escaped into creation
reclaiming imagination—————-check

The prompt for #OctPoWriMo day 9  is to write about why you are choosing to continue to write poetry now.

7 thoughts on “Today’s prescription

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      That’s a poem waiting to br written Julie “Poetry and self care are both acts of defiance. I wonder if I would be more in shape if I looked at it like that”. 🙂

      And thanks for that lovely comment. It made my day.

  1. Fida

    I don’t if it’s purposely supposed to look like that but I like it. The words are free flowing. I think the shape should be too.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Fida I’m not sure how WordPress manages the lay-out on different devices, but there’s supposed to be white space in between. Beautifully said: “The words are free flowing. I think the shape should be too.”

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