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For you

tiptoe around the house
wear anger on your feet
when you find fault
crush it
dig your heel in
then smile
“I got rid of that –
for you”

tiptoe around the house
wearing anger on your feet
crushing flaws
‘for you’

OctPoWriMo.com today says:

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Today’s Prompt : Mother Earth

I agree. I’m off prompt today because I’m spending as much time as I can listening to a free summit:

A 9-Day Global Event to Explore How to Heal
Personal, Intergenerational & Collective Trauma

The summit is very on prompt I believe. You can still sign up for it, listen to the talks an download the bonuses. The talks are about individual trauma, collective trauma, trauma through generations, and our impact on the planet. The ones I’ve listened to so far are great. Here’s the online opening event:

Praying Mantis

When Evolution
concocted mankind
she must have been
SO mad

Mad at the planet
for not putting out the garbage?
Mad at god
for mansplaining?

Mad –
she must have been

Temporary insanity
drug induced?
Hereditary madness
her genes to blame?

must have been
when she cooked up mankind

Survival of the greediest
wrecking of the planet

Todays prompt at octpowrimo.com was Madness Reigns. It does. In too many places and too many ways.

Image source and license: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Face_of_Praying_Mantis.jpg


Alas, I spilled anger all over the floor
Scattered droplets singeing the carpet
Sultry sulphur puddles of spiteful spittle
Left lasting, stinking stains
No mop bibulous enough to absorb it all

The prompt for day 27 at napowrimo.net is to write a poem that explores your sense of taste. This is more like a 3D rendition I’m afraid 😉