A short true story

IMAG0891(You can read it, or listen to it as a song.)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who received a call to adventure. It involved knights and dragons and fear and fun. It looked really good, and really promising. But the little girl just said “sorry, it’s time to go to bed now”.

She lay awake at night, because a creative plan was keeping her mind occupied. When she finally slept, a thunderstorm came past. This is no weather to go outside for an adventure, the little girl thought grumpily.

A baby boy was crying, and she attended to him. “The rain says I’m allowed to get out of bed”, he said. And the little girl wondered about this strange perspective.

Morning came and the sun shone. No time for adventures, time for getting things done.

The little girl opened her fairytale book first, because she didn’t want to do her chores yet. In there she found a message that reminded her of what needs to be done: make a list. A list thats scary, but can be fun to. There might be knights in there, and dragons. Maybe a butterfly too…

Text and image © Angela van Son 2013

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