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Cat’s meow

purring softly
at the farm
We await your arrival

I used the elevenie prompt to capture a real life moment. The neighbours of my parents in law have a nest of kittens, and if all goes well one of them will be ours in six weeks.

It took me a while to publish this one, because I wanted to add a photo. We only have one or two weeks of waiting to go now. This picture was taken when we first met our new housemate. She wasn’t very eager to stay on my lap, so we cuddles her brother or sister after that.


Save a prayer

I prey for food in my stomach

I prey for a sturdy nest

I prey for water when I need it

I prey I teach my children to do their best

I pray that this hawk doesn’t see me

I pray that our children sit still

I pray for the danger to be over

’cause I’m hungry and eat I will

I say thanks for the food in my stomach

I say thanks for the safety of our nest

I say thanks to the mice that I ate today

Tomorrow my children will be back for the rest

(#NaPoWriMo day 2 The prompt was to write from an animal’s perspective)