Before I got my eye installed

Before I got my eye installed
I put out
to whoever cooed me

I liked
as much
– well –
to hear
their voice

I see that now

As other creatures that have eyes
have said
I wasn’t blind
as much
as deaf

And know
that I repent – no
Any other way

But were it told to me
that today
one day
I might have the roars of the sky for mine

I tell you that my heart would trade

A split second of sight
for the thrill
one size
one fill

All of me
All the meadows
Mine to deafen
– The mountains
Mine to reverberate
– Mine!

All forests
All stintless stars
All as much as -oh

The sight of noon
a split second
as I could
– trade

Take me
I have a fair use policy
between my finite eyes
I don’t mind the motions

I will focus on
the sound of the dipping birds
on the grind of
the morning’s amber road

Take me
for mine

When they installed my eye
I got to look at

When I liked one
I would coo them
but the news wore off

Any sound would strike me dead
– almost
a surprise –
so –
safer I guess
to trade

With just my soul
at risk
opon the window pane

Where other creatures
put out
their eyes incautious of the sun


The day 5 prompt for #NaPoWriMo suggested to find an Emily Dickinson poem and alter it. Here’s the original, called Before I got my eye put out:

5 thoughts on “Before I got my eye installed

  1. graemesandford

    I shall have to read the original first before I can comment on how well you did this task – but, I like the words that you have written whatever. G:)

  2. Dawn D

    I think I prefer my hearing to my sight. Though, considering the number of pictures I take, maybe not. But not to hear the birds’ trills, the wind blow, or the music I like to sing and dance along? I don’t know. I enjoy taste too, but the biggest sense of all I think is touch for me. I need hugs, soft kisses and hand holding…
    Nice poem. I gave up on that prompt :-/

      1. Dawn D

        Yes, I guess part of the problem was that I didn’t have much time to actually work on it, being surrounded by loved ones young and old all weekend 🙂

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