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We made the news

We made the news

Mum made book with her two daughters
Journalist wrote about it in the newspaper
Sister made book with sibling and mother
Photographer made a photograph of them
I made a book with my sister and mother
Editor asked for a poem to go with the article

We made a book


We made the news
If we sell all the books
The news made us

The prompt at napowrimo.net was to write a poem based on a news article. I happened to have a news article that I really wanted to share with you 🙂
If you’d like to have a look inside the book you can check Blurb, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play or the Apple Store.

We are working on the English version. It’s almost finished, but has some corona delay. If you want me to let you know when it’s available, just ask and I’ll create a good oldfashioned handwritten list.


Artikel Eindhovens Dagblad

A door, and a book preview

A door from Mechelen, Belgium provided by… yes, you guessed it, I’m still sharing my mum’s doors 🙂

De Dutch version of our book is ready. I’ve uploaded a test version (not for sale), so you can take a look what all the work has been about. If you click on the photo you can browse through the upload on the Blurb site.


I still can’t believe I managed to translate 20 of my poems from English to Dutch. But is was worth it, now my mother’s friends can buy the book and read it too. We’ll continue working on the English version in March.

For now, I need a break. After the intensive editing we did, all my brain can think of is book-book-book. I’m grateful that my sister showed me what a huuuuuge difference a professional editor makes when it comes to details. I was convinced my mother and I we’re doing a great job at being precise. My sister did The Best job at being precise.



When I said to my mum
“Let’s make a book together”
I should have probably said

“Let’s make a book together
that’s unedited and still has mistakes
so we can leave out the part where we
stare at details endlessly and they seem to
change even though we just put them in their right place
and we look at them again and we sent the file to each other once more
and we find yet another detail and we remember we forgot something and I’ll
ask you to change some words because I don’t like the ones I read and where the files gets corrupted and we need to redo a lot of stuff and e-mail with customer service too many times and then redo some editing and oh well let’s not make a Dutch translation now that we’re on it and two digital editions too”.

It will be fun.

(This one is dedicated to my sister, who does editing for a living. I never knew how much patience that job takes. I’m in awe).

This poem deserved a door detail instead of a full door 🙂 My mum provided the picture.

The poem, and all characters and incidents portrayed in this post, are not fictitious.