Decluttering my stuff yesterday
I threw some old beliefs away
When I was done
“I’m not good enough” had gone
And I know this is how it will stay

I know a limerick needs a syllable count, but I decluttered that part too 🙂

The content of the poem is serious though. Thanks the work I’m doing as a participant in this training to be a process facilitator.

The spontaneous process of writing decluttering limicks got started in the Less Stuff Facebook group, where decluttering is done gently, and creativity and fun are welcomed.

Money has that power

It’s poetry day in the Netherlands today – a good day I hope to raise money for a friend. To keep it simple: pay what you want, and ask what you want.

For example:
– choose an existing poem from, for example my most read one or my least read one.
– ask for a personalised poem
– commission a poem-de-luxe: handwritten, signed, beautiful paper, etc. (if you live far away I might need a contribution for stamps)

I’ll also be putting up paintings or drawings and coaching hours (coaching by me) for this fundraiser, but I haven’t organised all of that yet. But poetry day just asked for action NOW, not later 🙂

I’m raising money for a Greek friend to contribute to her education. She’s hard working, she is caring, she works with mothers and children, and she lives in Greece – a country, which you might know, has had quite a financial crisis for years now. She started the education, then life happened, and now I want to support her in being able to continue her education. Money has that power.

Today’s title is inspired by (one again 😉 this song by Patti Smith: I was present when this was filmed, and incredibly happy to witness it:

Letter from Zagreb

Dear misfit,

May I please blow your trumpet?
You are needed now
In these days of consent minus one
You –
are on a heroins journey
set by praying mantis

nerved by real news
you provide a hard copy
of neat love

In my musical
you’d be a proud member of the NUA
(now the no-unicorns-association)
no soul broker

Please be careful
Cynical self help is a dud

Your disposition
may be
even heriditary

but if you were me
you’d love me
If I were me
I’d love you

till death do us part

Respectfully not yours,
Angela van Son

PS I forgot Inflection. Please remember i is a number, I’m not

One of the prompts for today at the generous octpowrimo page was to create a form of your own and share it with us. I realised I have a tradition that started some poetry months ago, to create a poem from titles (or snippets, or blog titles) from fellow participants and link up to them. A way to keep favourite parts, honour words I love, and express connection. I’m not even sure, but I think I invented this form myself, out of sheer enthusiasm.

Mine today is a variety on that: I’ve created a poem from the titles of my own poems this poetry month. I think I managed to incorporate all!

I prefer the form where I honour other peoples words, but I need more head space and time for those than I have right now. The good thing about todays version, is that invited me to look back at my own work this month and it works well as closure.

Today is our last day. #OctPoWriMo finishes. Again I’ve made great connections, read amazing poems, and got to enjoy my poems being read, liked and commented on. An inspiring and healing month. Thank you organisers, participants and readers!

If you like the idea of title poems, you can find more examples here.