Money has that power

It’s poetry day in the Netherlands today – a good day I hope to raise money for a friend. To keep it simple: pay what you want, and ask what you want.

For example:
– choose an existing poem from, for example my most read one or my least read one.
– ask for a personalised poem
– commission a poem-de-luxe: handwritten, signed, beautiful paper, etc. (if you live far away I might need a contribution for stamps)

I’ll also be putting up paintings or drawings and coaching hours (coaching by me) for this fundraiser, but I haven’t organised all of that yet. But poetry day just asked for action NOW, not later 🙂

I’m raising money for a Greek friend to contribute to her education. She’s hard working, she is caring, she works with mothers and children, and she lives in Greece – a country, which you might know, has had quite a financial crisis for years now. She started the education, then life happened, and now I want to support her in being able to continue her education. Money has that power.

Today’s title is inspired by (one again 😉 this song by Patti Smith: I was present when this was filmed, and incredibly happy to witness it:

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