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Even when it feels unbearable (at first)
when someone treats us better
than we treat ourselves
they might be right

Look into their eyes
it will show
love that you deserve
simply by


Simply be existing
you deserve love
to be shown
in people’s eyes

They are right
in treating us well
even when we sometimes find it hard
to treat ourselves well enough to feel loved

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com is ‘unspoken’. When I looked through my notes of the PsychoEnergetics training program, I realised that some of the things the teachers said were almost a poem. So I decided to use this as my starting point for today.

He likes mornings

He chitters, chatters, clitters, clatters – he likes mornings
I mumble, stumble, grumble, fumble
I don’t like mornings

He hums, drums, sings, swings – he likes mornings
I flump, bump, grump, wanna thump
I don’t like mornings

He sways, strays, plays, finds ways – he likes mornings
I hide, abide, guide, chide
I don’t like mornings

He moves, grooves, screams, beams – he likes mornings
I love him, want to shove him, but I love him –
even when he likes mornings

Inspired by today’s prompt, though not exactly following it. We’re on day 24 of #OctPoWriMo. I’m amazed that I’m still able to write, even on days when I feel like all ink has dried up in me.

Einstein was right: love has amazing properties

It is possible for more love to come into existence.
Empty love can possess its own energy.
Because this energy is a property of love itself, it will not be diluted as love expands.
As more love comes into existence, more of this energy-of-love will appear.
As a result, this form of energy will cause the Universe to expand faster and faster.
Dark matter is a property of love.
Love has amazing properties.


My #NaPoWriMo entry for day 9, posted on day 10. Written on day 3 together with Curiosity found love on Mars. Is was in a scientific mood that day 🙂