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He likes mornings

He chitters, chatters, clitters, clatters – he likes mornings
I mumble,stumble, grumble, fumble
I don’t like mornings

He hums, drums, sings, swings – he likes mornings
I flump, bump, grump, wanna thump
I don’t like mornings

He sways, strays, plays, finds ways – he likes mornings
I hide, abide, guide, chide
I don’t like mornings

He moves, grooves, screams, beams – he likes mornings
I love him, want to shove him, but I love him –
even when he likes mornings

Inspired by today’s prompt, though not exactly following it. We’re on day 24 of #OctPoWriMo. I’m amazed that I’m still able to write, even on days when I feel like all ink has dried up in me.

Einstein was right: love has amazing properties

It is possible for more love to come into existence.
Empty love can possess its own energy.
Because this energy is a property of love itself, it will not be diluted as love expands.
As more love comes into existence, more of this energy-of-love will appear.
As a result, this form of energy will cause the Universe to expand faster and faster.
Dark matter is a property of love.
Love has amazing properties.


My #NaPoWriMo entry for day 9, posted on day 10. Written on day 3 together with Curiosity found love on Mars. Is was in a scientific mood that day 🙂