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Rescue me

This longing from within
I see it rising

It’s a devil in disguise
It’s a creature from the deep sea
its eyes are blind
yet it can see
it sees me

It has a beak
sharp teeth
sharp claws
a pointy tail

Its scales are orange and silver
and she slides
she slithers

She turns out to be a mother
a whore, a wife
bearing children from many fathers
giving birth, giving life

Life unwanted
they didn’t want to be born this way
by copied sin
fading with every copy

She’s a devil in disguise
her vile breath
when it reaches the air

She’s a creature from the deep sea
without ears
yet she hears me
she hears me call

Rescue me

She craved vision

Her eyes were thirsty
for paintings
she knew she’d die
if she didn’t find some soon

Where in this desert
were paintings to be found?
She looked around and saw
nothing but mirrors

Here eyes ran dry
the headaches began
it became harder to swallow

If only
the hallucinations
would come soon

She’d be saved

Until she opened her eyes
and the thirst

(This came 5 seconds after He craved poetry)

He craved poetry

As he was waiting
for the delivery man
his mouth watered

He pictured how the
carefully chosen words
would fill his stomach

How his blood sugar
would rise from
the rhythm of the sentences

How the line spacing
would nourish him

What the aftertaste
would be like

What took him so long?
The poem would be cold
by the time it arrived