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If I am one
and you are all
it’s all for one
and one for all

That’s it, 30 poems in 30 days, #NaPoWriMo is over and I’ve made it. Yay!


Rescue me

This longing from within
I see it rising

It’s a devil in disguise
It’s a creature from the deep sea
its eyes are blind
yet it can see
it sees me

It has a beak
sharp teeth
sharp claws
a pointy tail

Its scales are orange and silver
and she slides
she slithers

She turns out to be a mother
a whore, a wife
bearing children from many fathers
giving birth, giving life

Life unwanted
they didn’t want to be born this way
by copied sin
fading with every copy

She’s a devil in disguise
her vile breath
when it reaches the air

She’s a creature from the deep sea
without ears
yet she hears me
she hears me call

Rescue me

Eat this

Throwing up bitter bile came first, naturally,
chewing on what came back to me.

Then came salt. Taste of the earth
in which I buried you, barehanded, barefoot.

After I swallowed sour memories of love
turned bad outside the fridge, left unattended,

my mouth watered. Revenge. Oh sweet revenge.

I used the deadly sins prompt again, 7 lines of seven words. Written for #NaPoWriMo day 28.

Too tired to try

220px-Abraham_Bloemaert_-_Parable_of_the_Wheat_and_the_Tares_-_Walters_372505She lay slouched on a sleazy settee
willfully wanting what we call the end
her hair hanging down in hopeless tangles

Eery eyes endlessly staring at the ceiling
deliberately deaf to her heart’s dull drumming
bored to bits by being blatantly alive

Too tired to try to give up

Written for #NaPoWriMo day 27. The prompt was to write about a deadly sin in 7 lines of 7 words.

No news is good news

Darling, we need to talk
– zap –
I’m serious
– zap –
Are you paying attention?
– sure –
We are bankrupt
– zap –

Written for #NaPoWriMo day 26. I might turn it into a longer one some day, but definitely not today. Tired and uninspired.

I have my doubts

I sit and hesitate
shall I call you?

I sit and hesitate
shall I ask you why?

I sit and hesitate
did you know she was pregnant?

I sit and hesitate
did you know she would die?

I sit and hesitate
shall I call you?

I sit and hesitate
shall I tell you how I feel?

I sit and hesitate
how will I know if you are honest?

I sit and hesitate
how will I know all of this is real?

Written for #NaPoWriMo day 25. The prompt was an anaphora. Which is repeating the same part of a sentence – I think ;).

Plastic descent

Our house has plastic window sills
they are smudgy white
and some degrees short
of being in place

Our house has a plastic front door
it’s smudgy white
and glue didn’t fix
the letter box

Our house has a plastic back door
it’s smudgy white
and makes ventilating the house easy
by being crooked

Our house has a plastic window
it’s smudgy white
and always closed
it misses a handle

The plastic was once bright
shiny and new
easy maintenance
and en vogue

Now it’s smudgy white
crooked, ajar
easy maintenance
and sad

Written for #NaPoWriMo day 24, inspired by this prompt: to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.