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I am
rooted in reality,
but not what I seem

I do
talk about things
but don’t say what I mean

I aim
to explain difficult things
the easy way

I am
but I’m here to stay

I promised Manja to look through my old holiday pictures, because I suspected I photographed some doors when I was in Ljubljana somewhere in the nineties. I had to take a picture of the picture with my selfie camera, because the other camera on my phone is broken.

If you want a better quality picture where you can zoom in and admire the sculptures, I recommend this page. Wikipedia will tell you more about the building and its doors, and the history that goes with them.

If you want to see doors from all over the world, check out #ThursdayDoors and Norms page, who invites us weekly to share the beauty and joy of doors.

This is my 31st poem for #OctPoWriMo. I’m off prompt today and the poem is not linked to the doors, but never mind, I’ve made it to the end! Even with the hassle of my broken foot, and the strugge to finance my education this year (GoFundMe still available!).

Thanks http://www.octpowrimo.com/ for providing a month of inspiring prompts, and for all the participants who’ve contributed by writing and reading. I normally disappear at the end of a poetry writing month, to recover. This time I hope to keep up with ThursdayDoors, and to not disappear off WordPress completely 🙂


We’re in this together


I am someone who gets supported



I am someone who receives support

I am someone who gets support



I am someone, supported

I am supported



I am support

I am


Full circle

I support

We’re in this together

I feel really grateful today, and humble. I’ve managed to pay the first installment of my tuition costs this year, thanks to the generous help of friends, family and even strangers! Which means I can follow my heart and my dream, and continue my learning to facilitate deep processes in people. The type of processes that enable healing and create space for new experiences.

The process of sharing that I need help, accepting the help that’s offered, and feel okay about it, turned out to be uncomfortable but rich learning ground. It brought (and still brings) a lot of feelings. A friend of mine wrote: “I found out that giving and receiving is a sacred exchange and everybody involved wins.”
Sacred is not a word I normally use, but I do believe I understand, with all of my heart, what she meant.

Esther Spurrill Jones provided our prompt today at octpowrimo.com. It was ‘Me, or who am I’, and the suggested form ‘invent your own’. My first response was that I would be able to work with any of these, but waiting and opening up turned out to be enough to find a starting point and take it from there. I think my newly-invented- form-with-no-name yet can be read in any direction you want to. From right to left. Up and down. Circular. As one poem, or two, or three. A split poem, a cleft poem – just experiment and read it any way you like.


The bottom of the sea
is always there
beneath the water
even when you can’t see it

Affected by waves
that come
and go
and come
but only a little bit
compared to its vastness

Trust on it
to be there
to carry the sea

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com was ‘lightness of being’.


If words have power and create, then let these be healing words. Healing for the pain of people, physical and mental. Healing for the sorrow. Healing for the void. Healing for the loss. Healing for fear. Healing for hatred and anger. Healing for separation. Healing for not knowing. Healing for well-knowing. Healing for the choices that were made, and healing for the choices that were not made.

Healing. Healing. Healing. Healing.

Let’s go to the pain and keep it company.
Let’s go to the sadness and see it.
Let’s go to the void and experience it.
Let’s go to the loss and acknowledge it.
Let’s go to the fear and understand it.
Let’s go to the hatred and be with it.
Let’s go to the anger and give it space.
Let’s go to separation and embrace it.
Let’s live through the unknowing.
Let’s shed some light on knowing.
Let’s leave the choices that were made.
Let’s leave the choices that were not made.

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com was inspired by the Indian Diwali, festival of lights. One of the questions in the blog post was “How do we heal ourselves?”.


Send her your false prophets
she will revere them
to bask in their glory

Send him your real prophets
he will fight them
to keep his position
– up, not down

Send a child your prophets
it will listen
– unless it’s too busy
doing more interesting things

Send me your prophets
I will bury them

Thou shalt not revere
Thou shalt not fight
Thou shalt not listen

I don’t know where this one came from. Which is ironic, considering the fact that our propmt today at octpowrimo.com was “How did I get here”.


Even when it feels unbearable (at first)
when someone treats us better
than we treat ourselves
they might be right

Look into their eyes
it will show
love that you deserve
simply by


Simply be existing
you deserve love
to be shown
in people’s eyes

They are right
in treating us well
even when we sometimes find it hard
to treat ourselves well enough to feel loved

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com is ‘unspoken’. When I looked through my notes of the PsychoEnergetics training program, I realised that some of the things the teachers said were almost a poem. So I decided to use this as my starting point for today.


There’s so much to think about
a gazillion thoughts
parallel universes
missed opportunities
dangers to control

Compared to those
there’s not much
to feel about – only the moment


I’ll start

trusting that

a little


I photographed this door during a PSEN workshop in Amsterdam, at the end of May this year. I hadn’t posted for #ThursdayDoor in a while I believe, but I knew I wanted to take this door home for later use. If you can, zoom in and study the sculpting above the doors. It’s an absolute pleasure to look at.

At octpowrimo.com the prompt for today is breathe. This poem was written after a PSEN day. We do a lot of breathing there, to support the deep work we do. The workshop in Amsterdam was called Transgenerational Haunting
How Unresolved Ancestral Trauma Can Be Recognized, Understood & Healed. It’s been held in Zagreb since, and will be held in Hamburg, Paris and again Amsterdam. It was so rich in experience and learning that I’d visit all of them if I could.

As it it, I’m struggling to find the money for my second year of the full training program. A friend made me a GoFundMe page, so people can support me to get there. I love her for it, but there’s one thing I’d love even more: to make that money by coaching people. Because I love coaching – and I’m good at it 🙂 Please send me a message if you’re interested – we can come up with a Pay What You Can Afford construction if you need that to make it work.


He let me look
inside his head

walk into dreams
he hadn’t had yet

they woke up fears
I never had

they haven’t walked
out of my head yet

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com was fur babies. I ended up with a weird waltz instead. I’ll include a picture of my cat to compensate 🙂 She’s the feline version of a teenager. She’s great at looking moody. She comes home for food, and then goes out as soon as she can. She’ll ignore any sensible suggestion you make to her. And she is loved. Lots


She wore her underwear
on her sleeve
for all to see
for all to enjoy

Why be shy
was her quizzical question
to no one personal
to no one general

I’m the inventor of upperwear
and I’m proud of it

Today’s prompt at octpowrimo.com was ‘broken’. I have written about my broken foot already and enough posts have been inspired by a brain that felt broken, so today only my picture will be on prompt. The poem seems to have been written May 22nd 2014, at least that’s what my notebook claims. I’m too tired to come up with something new.