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Beauty in chaos

Shine your light

when you feel vulnerable


Find beauty in chaos

chaos in beauty

and fall


Creating from our growing pains

breaks boundaries

Shift from your head to your heart

let go of your muse

and play


Outside the box

the truth changes perspectives

If our world was inside out

upside down

would you listen to the music

dance under the stars?

Your wild rhythm

processes your feelings

feel the shift

dig deeper


Explore touch, remember the taste

of things stirring in your belly

Can you feel


for what you’ve not allowed yourself to do yet?

break the rules


You will be different

You will be the same

The magic of our choices:

I am the tracks

I am the light

I am the dark

I am the shadow

My voice grows stronger

I embrace myself








There’s beauty in chaos

and chaos in beauty

My poem for the last day of #OctPoWriMo is an ode to our host, Morgan Dragonwillow, author of Wild Women Waking. She manages to keep up octpowrimo.com and the daily prompts even when her times are tough. I’ve build this poem from her words. 31 days of prompts are represented.

On a less important side note: this poem is missing line breaks again, I had to much going on this month to be willing to invest in learning the WordPress block editor – or find the well-hidden classic editor that seems to still be around if you persist.

I’ve persisted with writing poems instead. 31 in 31 days. A crazy endeavour. Each year. I never regret it.

Art by Morgan Dragonwillow. Please check her Patreon page if you’d like to support her work and what she gives to others.

Gratefully indebted

I am

in debt

to all

you lovely people

who inspire me

to write

to read


my heart


I do

to you

Thank you!

Penultimate day of #OctPoWriMo. The prompt was “I am” – and to write about yourself. I cheated and wrote about you as well 🙂

I received such a heartwarming, beautifuk review today of the book I made with my mother (launch on Amazon next Monday, I plan to make it free for the first couple of days. Grab your if you can, dear friends). I’ll quote a bit here, and add a link in case you’d like to read the full review:

A little birdie told me that the hardcover edition is mindblowing, and I don’t doubt it for a minute!
Having ‘only’ seen the laptop copy, I am already won over by the magic of the pictures, which of course, considering the close link between the authors, match the poems perfectly.
Often, as I came upon a new page, I was struck by the beauty that jumped out at me, left without breath. The brilliance of the composition, the choice of colours, the emotions conveyed by Greetje’s pictures is impressive. Read more


Sounds, falling

Falling out of place

They build, build

Up… Up!

Up, until

Sounds, shattering

The glass ceiling

Stains rain

down… down!

Down, until

New sounds


This poem started with the line “Wrapped in an envelope of steel”. I may save that line until it does connect with a poem that wants to get written 🙂

I did use the prompt on octpowrimo.com, but for a different piece of writing. It said: write for ten minutes about choices or a journey. It made me think about how my mother and me worked together on our book when my foot was broken. And what it was like to combine my poems with her photography, and create something new from that.

Today I hope to decide when the e-book will go live on Amazon. There already is a de- luxe coffee table version.

I’m not sure how to sell the coffee table book. I’ve just put in on Amazon, because that’s where people find their books. But the price is a lot higher than it was on Blurb (where no one searches for books I think). Maybe the best thing you can do is contact us. The current Amazon price brings in less than a dollar in profit, we don’t expect to get rich from it. But it’s incredibly beautiful (fantastic paper and print quality, big size, hard cover), and we want to make it available for people who can afford it. And, of course, for ourselves and my sister, our editor.

Ouch, I’ve just seen what Amazon adds as shipping costs. Maybe I’ll go back to make it available through Blurb instead of Amazon 😦

Do you?

Don’t you wish there was a poem somewhere, laying on the ground, waiting to be picked up, or maybe for you to slide on it like it was a banana peel? Don’t you wish there was a poem somewhere, ready to knock on your door and go, knock, knock, who’s there? Don’t you wish there was a somewhere, waiting for you, longing for your love?

Don’t you wish there was a poem somewhere?

Don’t you wish?

Don’t you?

Waiting for the delay to go away

Mine don’t know how
so they don’t
they don’t know why
so they don’t
they don’t know what
so they don’t

Make no mistake
Mine do
a lot

just not


Day 24 of #OctPoWriMo. I’m really happy I found this in my drafts on WordPress. I have not an ounce of inspiration today. All I want to do is yell at the world, or be hugged.

Composition for two performers

There’s something inside that’s wrong

We know that we can fake it

but we’re doing it wrong, so wrong

We wish that our pride was gone

Can someone come and take it?

The feeling is strong, so strong

We’re somewhere we don’t belong

We know that we can fake it

But we’re doing it wrong, so wrong

I know we can get along

That’s what we need to make it

But we’re doing it wrong, so wrong

There’s something inside that’s wrong

Can someone come and take it?

The feeling is strong, so strong

I do feel bad for taking a beautiful warrior’s song and turn it into a this piece. But that’s where the muse led today. Listen to the original if you long for liberation.

Today’s prompt at octpowrimo.com: Turn on your favorite channel for music and choose a word or phrase that strikes your fancy and begin your poem there.

Let’s get cyncical

Let’s get cyncical, cynical,

I want to get cynicahal

I’m sayin’ all the things that I know you’ll like,
makin’ good conversation

I gotta handle you just right,
you know what I mean

Let me hear your cynic talk, your cynic talk.
Let me hear your cynic talk

I took you to an intimate restaurant,
then to a suggestive movie

There’s nothing left to talk about
‘less it’s horizontally

Let’s get cyncical, cynical,

I want to get cynicahal

I’ve been patient, I’ve been good,
try’n to keep my hands on the table

It’s gettin’ hard this holdin’ back,
you know what I mean.

Let me hear your cynic talk, your cynic talk
Let me hear your cynic talk

I’m sure you’ll understand my point of view,
we know each other mentally

You’ve gotta know that you’re bringin’ out
the animal in me

So let’s get cyncical, cynical,

I want to get cynicahal

Obviously credits for this go out to the songwriters. From wikipedia : “Physical” (originally “Let’s Get Physical”) was written by Terry Shaddick and Newton-John’s longtime friend Steve Kipner, and initially was intended for a “macho male rock figure like Rod Stewart“, according to Kipner. When Newton-John’s then-manager Lee Kramer accidentally heard the demo, he immediately sent the song to her, but initially she did not want to release the song because it was “too cheeky”.

#OctPoWriMo day 21, off prompt. Some days one needs to vent. Or rant. Or be pseudo-intellectual. Or… *fill in the blank*


I touch my heart

with greasy fingers

that smell of walnut oil

I scratch my heart

with chalky fingernails

that leave white traces

I open my heart

with shaky fingers

afraid to make a sound

I close my heart

all sensed numbed


that nothing happened

On octpowrimo.com: “Yesterday was all about sight, sound, and scents, today we’re going to explore touch.”

Scatterbrained today. I should focus on work I need to finish. But it’s a school holiday, and combining all the roles I have this week is a challenge. I would really help me if I lived in a house with a soundproof room. Virginia Woolfe was on to something!