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Late No Game

I’m late
I’m late!
Late – one minute
Late – two minutes
Minutes turn into hours
Minutes turn into days
Days turning into weeks
Days turning into fortnights
Fortnights! Disaster
Fortnights! Shame
Shame turns into anger
Shame turns into blame
Blame –-> it’s your fault
Blame –-> it’s ALWAYS your fault
Fault? Denial
Fault? More shame
Shame… a thousand excuses
Shame… I shrink
Shrink to don’t feel the blows
Shrink I’m too small to be blamed
Blamed for doing something WRONG
Blamed for not being good enough
Enough, I say, enough!
Enough, I don’t want to hear no more
More beer
More cheese
Cheese, please
Cheese, and smile
Smile into the camera
Smile, it’s your birthday
Birthday girl, be happy
Birthday girl, here’s to you
You can blow the candles
You can make your dreams come true
True to who you are dear
True to who you want to be
Be! Without fear
Be! Without shame
Shame can only harm you
Shame will bring no gain
Gain a fortune
Gain fame
Fame for being unique
Fame for not being the same
Same old story
Same old game
Game? No I’m not playing
Game? No you are to blame

For day 20 of OctPoWriMo the suggested form was a Blitz Poem. This the first blitz I’ve ever written. I guess I’ve been cheating at the short phrases, or conveniently forgot that part of the instruction 😉 I did use the prompt for the content though: let’s dig into the anxiety and stress that comes with forgetting something or being late.

I found both the form and the content interesting to explore. I’m handing it in on time though, I hate being late… Reading the prompt again makes me wonder if I forgot something. ARGH!