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Positive integer

Why is perfectionism
always seen as a flaw
when all I do
is fight flaws?

 Perfection by Giovanni Orlando

Photo found on Flickr: Perfection by Giovanni Orlando, shared under this Creative Commons license.

Today’s prompt for #NaPoWriMo was a sonnet. I think I need more than one day to try one of those, so I’m offering this one instead.

It was written on the same day as yesterday’s one, and I wrote two more that day. I’m finding that thinking about frustrating things in the form of a poem keeps me from ruminating. Could a poem a day keep the psychologist away? 😉 Happy reading!

Practice makes…

You wish…

Practice makes flawed
as any perfectionist knows
– only less flawed

Practice makes desperate
as any perfectionist knows –
like the horizon
perfection stays without reach

Practice makes tired
as any perfectionist knows
the effort
is never rewarded
with the desired result

Practice makes angry
as any perfectionist knows
we don’t want to practice
we want perfection
tomorrow doesn’t count

Practice makes sad
as any perfectionist knows
we try
and fail
and fail

(once more, with feeling)

This is the first time I followed the prompt for OctPoWriMo. The prompt was perfectionism, and the writer of the prompt loves math. She inspired me to increase the number of lines one by one – and end with an imperfect extra line 😉 Any emotion you can feel in this poem is purely fictional. Perfectionism? Me? Never heard of it…