To-d’s door

The door to do
doesn’t differ
from the door to don’t
both have handles
the deceiving difference
is their paint


I’ve seen Manja‘s Thursday doors so may times, that when I saw this beautiful door in Denmark I thought of her straight away. When I told her I had a door to share with her, she invited me to share it for Thursday doors. I hadn’t thought of that yet, but I liked the idea. I then had the choice between two blogs: here, where I share my poems. Or on the blog where I share posts as procrastination coach. I thought a poem would be more fun 🙂 I considered using an old poem that features doors, but I felt this beautiful door deserved a new poem.

This picture of the door is mine. I’ve found a picture of the full door here.

As a bonus, a song that came to my mind when I thought about the Dutch word for door, which is deur The refrain says: After every door you open, there’s another one you close. And that’s how you remain hidden, it’s never more than a tip of the veil that gets lifted. The songwriter who wrote the text is a wizzard with the Dutch language. My translation doesn’t do him justice.

9 thoughts on “To-d’s door

  1. Manja Mexi Movie

    Yeahh! I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me, Angela! 🙂 That you got spurred into doing it from my posts, that you thought of me when you saw this glorious door, that you wrote a poem specifically for it, and that you are sharing it with Thursday Doors crowd! And the song for the bonus! Just now I’m putting together my post, and it’s the 4th anniversary since my first participation. Imagine, how many Thursdays, how many posts! Where will you be in four years? 🙂

    Thank you so so much. I meant to say that I wished you only doors to do, but doors to don’t mean that you don’t have to do it, so there’s that… I suppose we need both kinds. I hope this is the first of many.

    (I see that you link to Norm – and to me, thanks! – but I suppose that he needs to manually approve your comment and pingback because it’s your first time. If they don’t appear soon, I will notify him of you. But I know that he regularly checks these things.)

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I’m not in a hurry, you were the most important person to see it!

      I’ve always loved doors, so I might become a regular poster indeed. I like the idea of going through the city where I live to find beautiful doors to share with other door lovers.

      1. Angela van Son Post author

        Netherlands indeed, in my case the city of Utrecht – a place which has been around since roman times and has a medieval street pattern in tne city centre, and a lot of old buildings.

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