Fringe (n+1)


you shouldn’t message with


a pair finished

I’ve seen people share about the N+& form (S+7), where you replace every noun in a poem by the seventh one from it in a dictionary. I tought it was slightly interesting but never gave it a try.

Today I watched a beautiful film-poem by Kirsten Luckins and it made me really curious about what this form has to offer. Luckily, the post provided a link to the N+7 machine, where lazy people like me can find out what it has to offer without too much effort.

I leafed through my statistics and chose a poem that has been read least of all, and fed it to the machine. It was a found poem to start with, so outside what I usually write. The results were surprisingly interesting.

I’m going to share the things I liked or create new poems from them. There’s enough to keep me going for weeks. Which would be rather boring to read I believe, so I’ll try to do it on a set day. Since it’s Friday today, I’ll probably call it #N+Friday for thos who want to follow the posts.

I’ve started with a really simple one today. This is the original fragment (so N+0):

you shouldn’t mess with
a painting finished.

I think it will be interesting to see how I can make the things the machine comes up with ‘mine’. I can simply copy and paste, or I can alter. Line breaks, punctuation, word order, or anything I feel that will make it ‘better’ or more mine.

The original poems I used for the poem were in Dutch. Then they were translated. Then I erased words to make it an erasure poem. Then I fed it to the machine… And now I play with what comes out. Never a dull moment when you like words!


11 thoughts on “Fringe (n+1)

    1. Manja Mexi Movie


      This is my usual poseur,
      alias by the fender.
      On the other sidecar are
      daredevils such as
      trash truckle,
      and the worst of all:
      delphinium managements,
      and wombs,
      except that one
      who brings my fool.

      I think I’ll post this on my blog. Together with N+0 🙂 Thank you so much for introducing this concept and sharing the link to the tool, I haven’t seen such a poem anywhere else.

  1. Dawn D

    You know what makes me most happy? It means that, as long as you play with words, I get to keep reading you 😊

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  3. memadtwo

    This is just the kind of thing I love…thanks for the info and link Angela!
    It’s also timely as I’ve been feeling drained of words after April. I need all the word help I can get at the moment. (K)


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