Made by Angela van Son

Consent minus one

Surely you know consent doesn’t have to be mutual?
Uteruses cry for semen, it’s as simple as that
Ready-made uterine glands and blood vessels
Roaring, begging to bring life into this world
Escape the deserts of classrooms and offices
Nurture into the ultimate can-be
Dreading the days of depreciation
Eulogies of what was
Rape is just mutual consent minus one

Semen where it shouldn’t be
Urine can’t wash it away
Relentless rubbing doesn’t get rid of it
Red stains – No.

It ends.



Rape is consent minus one –
the one that matters most


The prompt for #OctPoWriMo day 1 at was surrender. Since the word itself didn’t spark inspiration at first, I decided to use it as an acrostic. This is where it led me…

In these days of #MeToo, the Kavanaugh hearings and all the discussions they have sparked, the subject of consent is on my mind a lot.

The portrait I’ve added is no specific woman. I’ve created her some months ago. The drawing is more about the emotions than about identity.

14 thoughts on “Consent minus one

  1. Shuku

    Definitely the one that matters most. I love this, Angela – and it’s lovely to read your writing again yay! Couldn’t agree more. And how clever of you to put it into an acrostic!

  2. Jesi Scott

    Strong, powerful. In a way I can see the surrender in it but without surrendering or giving ground. And I don’t mean the acrostic, which is brilliant by the way. It’s as if you are saying they want us to surrender (consent consent minus one) yet we will not give up fighting. Very provocative. Well done.

  3. Namratha Varadharajan

    Hey Angela. The title is spot on description of rape. Consent minus one. Wow! That is so powerful and I think I am going to remember it. I love the sarcastic sassy tone of the piece. I think the graphic descriptions punch out the impact. Well done.

  4. TooFullToWrite

    Such a powerful statement Angela. A very moving start to the month, especially the way you played with the acrostic form too, to show that enough is enough and that surrendering is not an option when it comes to this horrible and horrific situation. We learn so much through your poetry, the honesty and integrity is what makes it so special.

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