the ability

to take back in

that which was

dripping out

It’s October again, which means we have #OctPoWriMo going on. I know I won’t be able to write 30 poems this months, and I promise myself to not even try. But each one is more than none! Some of my #OctoberPoetryWritingMonth poems got published in magazines. I’ve collected all published poems in this chapbook, available through Amazon, Kobo and more. I’ll link up later, dinner time now!

4 thoughts on “Respongeability

  1. Dawn D. McKenzie

    Yes, each poem is better than none!
    I am not “working” still. Too much has happened, and something broke inside again. I’m only working on healing, let’s say. It’s a lot already, but hey! Not everyone agrees :/

    So I’ll try to write poems. One a day. I don’t think Morgan is doing the site this year, so I’ll be coming up with my own prompts or using old ones (from 2017).


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