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Seasonal musings

Shall I compare thee to a summer day?
One of those blazing hot days when you don’t know where to find shelter?
One of those rainy ones when it’s too cold and too grey for the time of the season?

Or shall I compare you to a winter day?
One of those ice cold days when your breath freezes in your lungs?
One of those sleet filled days when every slope is a death trap?

Shall I compare you to an autumn day?
One of those windy days when there’s no hiding from the sound of the blowing wind?
One of those thunder filled days when lightning deforms everything it sheds light on?

I will definitely not compare you to a spring day.
My favourite season.

Our prompt on OctPoWriMo.com was ‘purple’. I’m obviously off prompt. I’m tired, and I already wrote a blog post for Procrastination Coach today. No energy left to write, I leafed through an old note book and found this one.