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Book stress


It’s Thursday Door time again! I’m stressed today. My mum and I are working on a book that combines her photography with my poetry. We’re getting near to the finish line, but somehow Blurb doesn’t show any of the photos in the last version I’ve sent her.

Today I present to you a door by my mum (no clue about the what, where and how of it) and a recording of me testing out a poem. It’s probably going to be in the book, and I was checking if it needs edits by reading out loud.

Published by Scribe Base

Yay, I’ve just found that I’ve been published by Scribe Base! They accepted two of my poems: Irony and The door to another life.

There was a time that I was embarrassed to share what I’d written, so submitting poems to magazines was a big step for me. This year, when my foot was broken and I was sofa bound, I’ve made more submissions then ever before, because I wanted to do something useful with all that time that I was unable to work.

I probably still wouldn’t have dared, if I hadn’t known that sometimes my work gets accepted indeed, so it wasn’t as scary. In order of appearance:

Get me out of here – I’m not a silent poet

Back in the day – Arts Saves Lives Magazine

Seriously – Celebrating change

Things that could deliver – Auroras & Blossoms