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Beauty in chaos

Shine your light

when you feel vulnerable


Find beauty in chaos

chaos in beauty

and fall


Creating from our growing pains

breaks boundaries

Shift from your head to your heart

let go of your muse

and play


Outside the box

the truth changes perspectives

If our world was inside out

upside down

would you listen to the music

dance under the stars?

Your wild rhythm

processes your feelings

feel the shift

dig deeper


Explore touch, remember the taste

of things stirring in your belly

Can you feel


for what you’ve not allowed yourself to do yet?

break the rules


You will be different

You will be the same

The magic of our choices:

I am the tracks

I am the light

I am the dark

I am the shadow

My voice grows stronger

I embrace myself








There’s beauty in chaos

and chaos in beauty

My poem for the last day of #OctPoWriMo is an ode to our host, Morgan Dragonwillow, author of Wild Women Waking. She manages to keep up octpowrimo.com and the daily prompts even when her times are tough. I’ve build this poem from her words. 31 days of prompts are represented.

On a less important side note: this poem is missing line breaks again, I had to much going on this month to be willing to invest in learning the WordPress block editor – or find the well-hidden classic editor that seems to still be around if you persist.

I’ve persisted with writing poems instead. 31 in 31 days. A crazy endeavour. Each year. I never regret it.

Art by Morgan Dragonwillow. Please check her Patreon page if you’d like to support her work and what she gives to others.