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My musical

The show is over
You won’t get to see
my inner personality

The actors are on strike
they refuse to play
the daily drama
of good cop – bad cop

The interrogation of the innocent
always ends left of field

Guilty by inquiry
played by the cops
inner drama over
– strike

The show is cancelled
Next up: Les Miserables

Today’s prompt on octpowrimo.com is Catch Me When I Fall. It asks about the balance between giving support and receiving it. I tend to shut down when I need support.

That being said, I dedicate today to all #OctPoWriMo participants, readers and the people who provide us with the daily #octpowrimo pages. There’s a reason why I mainly write during October and April, the poetry months. And that reason is simple and clear: your support.

My musical - by Angela van Son