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We’re in this together


I am someone who gets supported



I am someone who receives support

I am someone who gets support



I am someone, supported

I am supported



I am support

I am


Full circle

I support

We’re in this together

I feel really grateful today, and humble. I’ve managed to pay the first installment of my tuition costs this year, thanks to the generous help of friends, family and even strangers! Which means I can follow my heart and my dream, and continue my learning to facilitate deep processes in people. The type of processes that enable healing and create space for new experiences.

The process of sharing that I need help, accepting the help that’s offered, and feel okay about it, turned out to be uncomfortable but rich learning ground. It brought (and still brings) a lot of feelings. A friend of mine wrote: “I found out that giving and receiving is a sacred exchange and everybody involved wins.”
Sacred is not a word I normally use, but I do believe I understand, with all of my heart, what she meant.

Esther Spurrill Jones provided our prompt today at octpowrimo.com. It was ‘Me, or who am I’, and the suggested form ‘invent your own’. My first response was that I would be able to work with any of these, but waiting and opening up turned out to be enough to find a starting point and take it from there. I think my newly-invented- form-with-no-name yet can be read in any direction you want to. From right to left. Up and down. Circular. As one poem, or two, or three. A split poem, a cleft poem – just experiment and read it any way you like.