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Decluttering my stuff yesterday
I threw some old beliefs away
When I was done
“I’m not good enough” had gone
And I know this is how it will stay

I know a limerick needs a syllable count, but I decluttered that part too 🙂

The content of the poem is serious though. Thanks the work I’m doing as a participant in this training to be a process facilitator.

The spontaneous process of writing decluttering limicks got started in the Less Stuff Facebook group, where decluttering is done gently, and creativity and fun are welcomed.

Declutter haiku


Officially I don’t do haikus, because I don’t really understand English syllables. But yesterday’s thread in the declutter Facebook group was contagious.  The haikus themselves, because they were clever, funny, or simply real. It got even more fun when Lisa started turning them into images.

Behold, my first haiku 🙂