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She wore her underwear
on her sleeve
for all to see
for all to enjoy

Why be shy
was her quizzical question
to no one personal
to no one general

I’m the inventor of upperwear
and I’m proud of it

Today’s prompt at octpowrimo.com was ‘broken’. I have written about my broken foot already and enough posts have been inspired by a brain that felt broken, so today only my picture will be on prompt. The poem seems to have been written May 22nd 2014, at least that’s what my notebook claims. I’m too tired to come up with something new.

Timed out

Broken foot
Broken brain
Broken inspiration

Full recovery of function
Wanted, hoped fore

Statistics make no promises
Time isn’t telling yet

Meet the members of the cast
They’re used to tell time

Blue with a split
Summer time
Warm weather
Warm neighbours
Warm feet

One night only
Beyond repair

Hospital, home
Morphine, fever
Television, sleep

Blue no split
Stitches stitching
Waiting, waiting
The discovery of patience

Oh how this poem bores me!
Does this malarky ever end?
Still no walking
13 weeks and counting
14, 15

Thinner leg
Tighter cast
Still counting
No walking

This poem has no end. My foot is still in the purple cast. I fell on July 2nd, got the correct diagnosis three weeks later, was operated on on September 12th, and it’ll be December before my foot is cast out…

Our poor host at octpowrimo.com has suffered some physical bad luck, which is a very good day to share her Patreon page I believe. On Patreon you can support artists financially, and get special rewards in exchange for your support. Morgan has been hosting #OctPoWriMo for years now, generously sharing her energy and inspiration with many poets all over the world. This is what she writes about asking for support:

Why Patreon?

I’m in the midst of a breakup and I need to move and my finances are limited. Currently my only choice is to move into the shed/cottage/tiny house, in my daughter’s backyard. It has electricity, windows, doors, possibilities. I will have to come up with the money to fix it up and make it livable.