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Ratted out

I think I smell a rat
There’s a waft of detachment
in the room

I think I smell a rat
it’s the smell of fleas
jumping all over the place

I think I see a rat
it’s tail lashing out
whipping the mice in the room

I think I see a rat
it’s beady eyes
focused on – garbage

I think I hear a rat
false notes

I think I feel a rat
spreading the plague

I think I taste
it’s fluids
on my tongue

(Honouring yesterday’s NaPoWriMo prompt about nature, sort of)


I’m drunk

and finally speak the truth
I would’ve done it before
except for
I dins’t know what was going on
inside of me
Did you?

So I finally say
waht needed to be siad
Whether you like it
or not
Wheter I like it
or not

Drunk 🙂
So deal with it
It’s out there now
on the table
so you gotta relate to it
and I have to too

What fun
it is
to stop worrying
about wahtrever
whoever thinks

Sobering up
but who cares
I said
what I had to say

Sobering up
oh whatever
is another day

(Ignoring NaPoWriMo prompt #20. Spelling was harmed in the process of creating this poem.)

On request

Ragbaby_Illustration“May I?”

He took her hand
and gently put her fingers
on his heart
flexing her phalanges
in such a way
that her long nails
tore his flesh

He made her rip
and tear
his heart out
lay it on the ground
and stomp her feet on it.

“Yes you may.”

The illustration was created by Ragbaby, and she holds the copyright. Check out the website of this multitalented woman for alternative cards, crochet with a twist, and a blog that’s onlike others.