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On request

Ragbaby_Illustration“May I?”

He took her hand
and gently put her fingers
on his heart
flexing her phalanges
in such a way
that her long nails
tore his flesh

He made her rip
and tear
his heart out
lay it on the ground
and stomp her feet on it.

“Yes you may.”

The illustration was created by Ragbaby, and she holds the copyright. Check out the website of this multitalented woman for alternative cards, crochet with a twist, and a blog that’s onlike others.

Dangerous beauty

Everywhere I go
I see beauty
Incredible beauty

Today I walked past the butcher shop
And had to go in
Because of beauty
This incredible beauty

The muscles in her arms
Unveiled the strength of her soul
I forgot to buy meat
But I will see her tonight
My beauty
My incredible beauty

‘t was only yesterday
That I met the condesa
Such beauty
Such incredible beauty

Her delicate fingers
Reflecting the tenderness of her soul
I saw her that night
And shared my feelings
It’s not a matter of lust
But of expressing my appreciation
For beauty
For incredible beauty

I dread who I’ll meet tomorrow
Beauty will devour me at some point

I can still feel all the soft lips
That revealed the sweetness of their souls
See all the bright eyes
That showed the brightness of their minds
Every elbow that had me hooked
On the sharpness of her spirit
Every foot that stood her ground
Every belly mirroring fertile feelings
Every breast revealing nourishing thoughts

It’s too much to contain
For I cannot forget any of them
And yet I meet new beauty
Incredible beauty
That my soul cannot resist

I’ve beheld God
In his creations

When will I be full to the brim
Unable to take more loveliness in
And explode

(NaPoWriMo prompt #14, delivered on day 15. It saved me another syllable count :))

Lost property

I’m sorry for your loss
You lost your love, you lost your life
I’m sorry for your loss
She lost a husband, you a wife

I’m sorry for your loss
You lost the anchor for your soul
I’m sorry for your loss
She feels diminished, you unwhole

I’m sorry for your loss
For the gaping emptiness ahead
I’m sorry for your loss
For your hard and cold, cold bed

I’m sorry you feel lost
I’d like to give you a new home
But home is where the heart is
so that’s why you feel alone

I’m sorry you feel lost
I’d like you to be found
Please look into the mirror
See? You are still around

(Still wondering what I want to do with NaPoWriMo #14, in the meanwhile this is my #14. The sentiment might be familiar to many of you)

Letter of complaint

Who do you think you are
to ignore me
like a millepede under a rock?

Without me you wouldn’t be
not even thinking
and still you don’t give a fuck

You’re no deaf dumb and blind kid
You’re not playing hide and seek
You just think that your better than me
more valuable
more wise

Well, here’s news for you my head
You speak more lies than truth
Your thoughts create destruction
I create life
So be nice

Sincerely mine, your body

(actually another prompt #12 one, but I’m using it for day 13)

Angry poem

Will you fucking please start loving yourself?
I’m angry because you don’t
Quit that freaking horsewhippin’ bitch slappin’ flagellation
It’s fake and you know it
You’re just scared

Scared of all you have to offer
and what this might bring to the world
Scared of all you can do
and how this would influence your loved ones
and yourself

I want you to stand up and rise to your occasion
to tell me what you want
what you really really want

Speak up
Don’t be a sequel
Make mistakes
and love them
just as much as you love you

But for that to happen
you have to start freaking loving yourself
And yes, I want you to do that now
I don’t want to be reasonable in what I ask of you
it doesn’t serve you

And don’t forget that I’m angry
I’m angry!

I’m angry for all the missed opportunities
and the pain they caused
I’m angry for all the loneliness
that didn’t need to happen

I’m angry for the confusing masks
that separate you from the world

I’m angry for the needless divides, the crevices, the ravines
that separate you from me
both in my brain
and physical reality

I’m angry for the self hatred
I’m angry for the sadness
I’m angry because I love you

(created for #NaPoWriMo prompt 12)

Tanka no thankya

Today’s prompt is not my cup of tea
Anticipate nonsensical sentences, abide
Naturally even this will end, that’s normal
Key to immortality is to move to Kent
Angels live there, in the attic

For a proper tanka, check this one by one of the most wonderful poets I’ve come across lately. I laughed out loud when I read it  – twice 🙂

As a foreign speaker of tongues I don’t do tanka’s. Syllables are beyond my grasp of the language. There are two tanka’s in the poem anyhow, if you care for puzzles. This poem was created to honour #napowrimo prompt number 11.

Gepetto’s lament

She’s a living doll
why is my mojo not working?

She cries she talks she sleeps she walks
and my mojo’s not working
I do my best to please her
but my mojo’s not working

She puckers and pouts her primrose lips
has me dancing from her fingertips

Her mojo’s working
I’m her living doll
and it starves my soul

(#napowrimo prompt 10, an unloving poem)