If you wonder why people like cats
you probably never had
the small of your back
when you try to pee

– Or you have

One of the prompts today was to write about an imaginary friend. I’ve never had one, but for the first time in my life I have a pet who roams through the house. We bought her as a friend for my child, who has no brothers or sisters. I’m glad we did, even though she turns out to be a handful 🙂

Copyright Angela van Son

The night my brow knitted a sweater

It was one of those nights, you know
when you lie in bed
every muscle in your body tense
and you know you’ll wake up aching in the morning

You’re in a building where you used to live
but you can’t find your room, your keys
or any of the other things you’re looking for

You had to take care of your bird
yet the feeder holds nothing but empty shells
there’s green goo tainting the water
and you know you’ve failed someone you love

You start cleaning your room, there’s heaps of dust in every corner
the shelves of your cabinet all crooked, the corners falling apart
all effort futile, your desires hopeless

It was one of those nights, you know?

I woke wake up aching
and wondered what would be worse
To get more sleep or get up?

Day 11 of #OctPoWriMo. There is a lovely prompt available at about moving your body to move your words. I hope to do that one some other day. What I did today was to dance a bit longer with my words than I normally do, playing with their choreography.

Felicific family

She desperately clung
to the image of being a good mum
She said all the right words
She did most of the right things
She impersonated patience
She tried
and tried
and tried
She said sorry when she failed

He leisurely tried
to be a good dad
He said the right words
and some wrong ones
He put boundaries in place
and added some patience
He tried
and tried
and took a break
He said sorry when he failed

The child desperately tried
to be good progeny
It tried to mollify mummy
it tried to delight daddy
but the rule book
was confusing

The suggested prompt for day 10 of #OctPoWriMo as announced in the supporting Facebook group is Power and Control. Since I’ll be away most pf the day, I worked ahead, and took the chance to work on this poem that I started a while ago.

For those who wonder:
– Felicific means causing or intended to cause happiness
– The drawing represents people I know. The poem is combination of conversations I’ve had with different people.

Spilled poets

Nothing happens when you spill poets all over the floor
They happily continue writing
from a new perspective

It was Annis who brought me the image of poets all over the floor, in her comment on my poem Poeting the floor. I really liked that image, so I took it further. A short poem was all it needed. Day 9 of #OctPoWriMo done, with a smile 🙂

No thoughts no glory

There’s this brilliant, deep thought
lurking in the back of my mind
but I can’t seem to find it

I wonder, will one more drink
lure it out
expose it to the outside world
create words for what can’t be told?

There’s this brilliant, philosophical
thought, lurking in the back of my mind
I know a mirror will scare it away
so I avoid my reflection

Even though it doesn’t even mumble
I know it’s what I need to hear
what does it want to tell me?

I give up
I create a thought
in the front of my mind
one I need to hear

I am my best friend

Today’s prompt at was What do you know, and how do you know it. One thing I know is that I sometimes use a poem during poetry month that I’ve written some other time but never published on my blog. This is one of those. It’s Sunday, I’m tired and I need a bit of cheating today 🙂


There’s a line words cannot cross
Maybe they haven’t been around long enough
Perhaps they never tried hard enough
Conceivably they’re just lazy

There’s a line words will not cross
Syllables melt, disintegrate
Consonants falter, stumble
Vowels stomp, jar

There’s a line words do not cross
Even when poets hand out passports, storytellers maps
They remain illegal aliens
Exile eternal

Day 7 of #OctPoWriMO. You can find the prompt and the links to other poems here:

Poeting the floor

While I poeted the floor
the words kept spilling, spilling


It ended with a mess
even bigger than before

I misread today’s prompt on, which was: While I was pacing the floor. That’s what I get for reading the prompt on my phone even before I’m out of bed 🙂