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Souled out

Salvation sold at seventy cents a second
Duress durably ditched

Salvation solves
Grab guaranteed grace now

Salvation sells
Seventy cents a soul


NaPoWriMo has finished, but the prompts have tendency to linger sometimes… Their influence can last days, months, or even years. There’s also a secret tradition of April 31st… Graeme Sandford might well be to blame for that.


A man walked into a metaphor
It wasn’t funny

On day 29: Bonus poem for the penultimate day of #Napowrimo. I tried to write a longer one that started with this opening sentence. That didn’t work. So this is it.

Today, on day 30: I’ve added a quick sketch made for today’s prompt, so that this can officially be my last poem for #NaPoWriMo. Our last prompt was a minimalist poem, and I fully recommend clicking on this article to discover what they are. Amazing. Weird. Difficult. Fun.

How I wish it was me who wrote this one, called Concrete Poem.


Off the road

Don’t know where I am going
Don’t know where I have been
I’m on a road to nowhere
No destination to be seen

Don’t see a speed sign when there is one
Don’t know how to slow down
I’ve been on the road to nowhere
From the day I left our town

When I wake up in the morning
I get myself a beer
I know the future is uncertain
But the end cannot be near
I’m on a road to nowhere
living in high gear

I know what I am knowing
I can’t say what I have seen
It make me take this road to nowhere
I’m not who I have been

Here on this dark desert highway
If I ever see a shimmering light
and I smell the smell of colitas
I will stop for the night

If they dance in the courtyard,
then – and only then
I will stay off off this road to nowhere
And I’ll never get back again