Politicians – classified

Scientific Name: Ovis oratoris

Classification: mammal

Diet: words

Habitat: Politicians are found almost everwhere, even where they are not native species.

Description: Many are horned, while others are polled.

Reproduction: In 2001, a politician was cloned successfully and lived over seven months. Though somewhat controversial, this could prove to be an effective tool in the future. If the cloning of politicians can proceed successfully, it has the potential to reduce strain on the number of living specimens.

Collective behaviour: Politicians have a strict dominance hierarchy. They fight one another to obtain dominance and win an opportunity to talk. Before election season they try to determine access to voters.

Title: Reclining mouflon, Period: Mature Harappan
Date: ca. 2600–1900 B.C., Geography: Indus Valley
Culture: Indus, Medium: Marble
Dimensions: L. 28 cm, Classification: Stone-Sculpture
Credit Line: Purchase, Anonymous Gift and Rogers Fund, 1978
Accession Number: 1978.58

Today’s prompt was to find a text about an animal and replace the word of the animal with a very different word or phrase. What a great opportunity to work with this animal sculpture from the Harappan-period at the site of Mohenjo Daro in the lower reaches of the Indus River. (Yes, I copied that information from The Met and don’t know what I’m talking about.)

The accompanying audio fragment on the page is very interesting, I recommend it. Apparently, we don’t know how these people were ruled because temples and palaces were not found. Their writing system was unique and their language has never been deciphered.

I’ve made my book Sampled, Sealed, Delivered free for two days again, for all of you who missed it earlier this month.

It’s a present, but if you happen to like writing reviews: it has none yet on Amazon, and it could do with some!

2 thoughts on “Politicians – classified

  1. SelmaMartin

    I see. That’s how the prompt works. It’s funny indeed. You did an amazing job.
    And your art finds are always so amazing as well. Wonderful.

    Oh, I didn’t know about your book. A present. That’s so cool. I just received it. After I catch my breath after NaPo I’ll have time to read and review. Promise. See you soon. Be well.

  2. Dawn D. McKenzie

    I included a politician in one of my poems a few days ago. They are some particular animal, a species all to themselves, aren’t they? The biologist in me loves what you did here 🙂


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