A curse unknown

A gnome
in Rome
roams his home
for a poem

the devil’s own
a curse unknown
a poem grown
from the witches’ throne

he’d been on the phone
when the wind had blown
the wretched poem
into his home

the devil’s own
a curse unknown
a poem grown
from the witches’ throne

with a groan
he’d known
he was being shown
his future overthrown

the devil’s own
a curse unknown
a poem grown
from the witches’ throne

he couldn’t leave it alone
this evil poem
it couldn’t be thrown
out of his home

the devil’s own
this curse unknown
a poem grown
from the witches’ throne

the witches are gone
but the gnome of Rome
is still known to roam
through homes alone

whispering his poem
from the witches’ throne
leaving a dead zone
for your cellular phone

Let it be known
phones are the devil’s own
devices grown
from a witches’ throne

Have them thrown
out of your home
or you’ll moan
just like our gnome

Not sure I’ve made the prompt today, but it was my starting point: “Because it’s Friday, today I’d like you to relax with the rather silly form called Skeltonic, or tumbling, verse. In this form, there’s no specific number of syllables per line, but each line should be short, and should aim to have two or three stressed syllables. And the lines should rhyme. You just rhyme the same sound until you get tired of it, and then move on to another sound.”

I’ve added this drawing because I liked the title of the series: imaginary prisons. It seems a good definition of a curse. And of a cell phone.

Art from The Met:
Title: The Round Tower, from “Carceri d’invenzione” (Imaginary Prisons)
Artist: Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, Mogliano Veneto 1720–1778 Rome)

Publisher: Giovanni Bouchard (French, ca. 1716–1795)

Date: ca. 1749–50
Medium: Etching, engraving, sulphur tint or open bite, burnishing; first state of four (Robison)
Dimensions: Sheet: 24 13/16 x 19 1/2 in. (63 x 49.5 cm)
Plate: 21 7/16 x 16 5/16 in. (54.5 x 41.5 cm)
Classification: Prints
Credit Line: Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1937
Accession Number: 37.45.3(27)

4 thoughts on “A curse unknown

  1. SelmaMartin

    Fair warning. Those gnomes are scary. Throw those phones out!
    It occurs to me how much of a good poet you are– even in your Skeltonic verse today the element of poetry and poems came along. Bet you didn’t even notice that. No, huh! Neither do babies know how cute they are. They just are. You are that! Loved your Skeltonic verse today. I’d say it’s very Skeltonic indeed. Thanks for sharing it here with me. Keep going. I wish you miracles.


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