Free for three days

In February I published Sampled, Sealed, Delivered – a chapbook with the 10 poems in it that have been accepted by magazines and journals between 2015 and 2020. I’ve been curious ever since how many of these were written during Poetry Writing Months. Today I finally checked. These are the results:

Seriously (8-4-2016)
Things that could deliver (10-4-2019)
A revived writer (30-4-2020)

Get me out of here (11-10-2014)
Underground movement (13-10-2019)
Corporeality (26-10-2019)

Outside Poetry Writing Months
Emergency exit (4-7-2013)
Back in the day (28-7-2013)
Irony (19-6-2016)
The door to another life (18-12-2017)

As a thanks to all of you, I’ve made the book available for free for three days. If you download it and read it, I’d be very grateful for reviews. Though personally, I’d probably prioritize writing new poems, reading and commenting this month. That’s what’s #NaPoWriMo is all about. I love that we’re doing this again, and that the community seems to be growing and growing. Have a lovely month everyone!

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