What’s the colour of art Friday

Golden Friday… everything that really matters to your heart, your soul, your spirit, comes towards you at a price you can afford. Everything you want to see more of in your life, everything that’s good for the planet and normally gets buried under everything that’s best for the wallets of people who have enough already.

Golden Friday. Your needs are met, your heart is soothed, your spine supported. You can move your limbs, as if by miracle. Just think of a movement and it happens. Just think of relaxing those muscles and it happens. Just think, just blink…

Golden Friday. You can visit your friends and family. You get to get close to the ones you love. You get to hug them. There’s no risk in being close, no rules are being broken, no virus is entering a new host.

Golden Friday. With just one click you can buy patience. Two clicks for wisdom, three for justice.

Golden Friday. A great day to paint.

This poem was sponsored by black Friday.

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