Gratefully indebted

I am

in debt

to all

you lovely people

who inspire me

to write

to read


my heart


I do

to you

Thank you!

Penultimate day of #OctPoWriMo. The prompt was “I am” – and to write about yourself. I cheated and wrote about you as well 🙂

I received such a heartwarming, beautifuk review today of the book I made with my mother (launch on Amazon next Monday, I plan to make it free for the first couple of days. Grab your if you can, dear friends). I’ll quote a bit here, and add a link in case you’d like to read the full review:

A little birdie told me that the hardcover edition is mindblowing, and I don’t doubt it for a minute!
Having ‘only’ seen the laptop copy, I am already won over by the magic of the pictures, which of course, considering the close link between the authors, match the poems perfectly.
Often, as I came upon a new page, I was struck by the beauty that jumped out at me, left without breath. The brilliance of the composition, the choice of colours, the emotions conveyed by Greetje’s pictures is impressive. Read more

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