Sounds, falling

Falling out of place

They build, build

Up… Up!

Up, until

Sounds, shattering

The glass ceiling

Stains rain

down… down!

Down, until

New sounds


This poem started with the line “Wrapped in an envelope of steel”. I may save that line until it does connect with a poem that wants to get written 🙂

I did use the prompt on octpowrimo.com, but for a different piece of writing. It said: write for ten minutes about choices or a journey. It made me think about how my mother and me worked together on our book when my foot was broken. And what it was like to combine my poems with her photography, and create something new from that.

Today I hope to decide when the e-book will go live on Amazon. There already is a de- luxe coffee table version.

I’m not sure how to sell the coffee table book. I’ve just put in on Amazon, because that’s where people find their books. But the price is a lot higher than it was on Blurb (where no one searches for books I think). Maybe the best thing you can do is contact us. The current Amazon price brings in less than a dollar in profit, we don’t expect to get rich from it. But it’s incredibly beautiful (fantastic paper and print quality, big size, hard cover), and we want to make it available for people who can afford it. And, of course, for ourselves and my sister, our editor.

Ouch, I’ve just seen what Amazon adds as shipping costs. Maybe I’ll go back to make it available through Blurb instead of Amazon 😦

9 thoughts on “Tetris

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thanks to you I signed up to LBRY on the first day of October, or at whatever date I read your first poem 🙂 I haven’t had the time to look into it yet.

      I’m part interested, part hesitant. The bitcoin bit is a thing that makes me uncomfortable. The amount of energy that’s needed to keep up this currency worries me from an environmental point of view.

      I’m looking forward to catching up with your poems. I’ve missed reading them. When I get too busy WordPress reading always comes first because it’s easier. I’ll get there!

  1. Beth Camp

    What interesting images take the reader in unexpected places — of growth and destruction! I did check out that book. If your intent is to open up the poetry and photographs to a wider readership (even international), you could consider creating an e-book. I did that with a small book of poetry about the pandemic that is organized around photographs. Adding a “Look Inside” helps your reader appreciate what you and your mother have accomplished. Congratulations on completing this project with your mother — an amazing experience and result.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you Beth! The e-book is almost ready for launch. The PDF file and Mobile are done, the epub has something that need fixed. I’m sending them out for people in my launch team, to write reviews. If you want to be part of the team of reviewers let me know, I’ll get you a copy.


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