Last night, I laid to rest my head

I put it gently on the bed

My calm broke as the message read

They did not wed! They did not wed!

White line

Curiosity then made me click

I swiped just like a lunatic

Could this be real, was it a trick?

The clock said tic, the clock said tick

White line

WHY did I look on my phone?

I should have left the thing alone

Damn that softly purring tone

My sleep is blown! My sleep is blown!

White line

Did he make off, did she leave town?

What happened to the wedding gown?

I read the item with a frown

She struck him down! She struck him down!

White line

Beware thou funny types of blokes

The altar’s not a place for jokes

To say no in jest, alas evokes

Payback from more serious folks

I’m not sure how she did it, but Morgan Dragonwillow made me try a monotetra. You know, that a new poetic form developed by Michael Walker, where each stanza contains four lines in monorhyme. And where each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables, and the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated.

I you don’t know what I’m talking about, neither do I. But I hope that by studying the examples provided and trying to copy their rhytm, I did indeed write a monotetra.

Check out the other participants on #OctPoWriMo day 6 as well. They tend to write amazing stuff.

14 thoughts on “Awake

  1. Spiral Artist

    I like that this is simultaneously intimate and not; it’s the wedding of a friend and a tabloid headline; it’s something that happens to a loved one and someone you watch through a fourth wall. It creates for a very nice alternating perspective that is humorous and lightweight. Refreshing! Though, R.I.P. poor sleep.

  2. Dawn D

    I agree with the artist above, could be a friend or royalty… but now I;ve read your monotetra (your’s is indeed one! I attempted one but I’m late and not satisfied, mine’s gleam), I want to know: WHO are they?

      1. Dawn D

        Then, I was going to say I’m sad for your imaginary friends, but I cannot, because I wonder sometimes what would have happened if I had had the guts.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Dawn do you know if gmail accepts big files? I’d love to send you the e-book version of the Dutch edition of my book to test how it converts to the device you’d read it on. I’ve tested what I can, but I just found out the file is not perfect on 100% of the devices. I want to make the Englsih edition as perfect as can be, so I need to figure out what went wrong in the conversion from Hard-cover file on Blurb to e-book file (Blurb did the conversion).


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