To be over

Catch me if you can
Catch me if you want to
To kill a mocking bird
To kill a joker
Joker – to the left please
Joker seperate from clown
Clown your way out of this
Clown ahead
Ahead of sorrow
Ahead of pain
Pain for glory
Pain for want
Want because
Want but
But why
But me, now
Now used to be the time
Now used to get me present
Present for president
Present for love
Love is the new black
Love is the new orange
Orange I can’t stand it
Orange, a clockwork
Clockwork wound up
Clockwork wind down
Down or I will bark
Down or I will bite
Bite for glory
Bite for fame
Fame to remember me by
Fame to remember my name
Name, what’s in it?
Name, who’s in it?
It is paralel
It i straight
Straight as a doornail
Straight as dead weight
Weight carried by numbers
Weight carried with pain
Pain for want
Pain for glory
Glory is my name, ah
Glory is my game
Game on
Game over
Over and out
Over and about
Clowns is what I’m talking about
The clown who wants to get out

Today’s prompt was to let your words fall onto the page, and do that in the form of a Blitz. In the past I’ve written some blitzes that I liked, and that became a problem for writing new ones. I never liked them enough. The day where I can just let my words fall onto the page is probably the best day to get reacquainted with it. I do like the urgency of the form. I don’t like how easily it leads me to cliches.

Fin the full prompt and the other participants on

14 thoughts on “To be over

  1. Scribbles

    I think your Blitz worked really well Angela.
    I can almost see your thought processes here!
    I chickened and ran and tried the Gra Reformata instead lol.

  2. Spiral Artist

    I actually loved the little references and shout-outs in this one, as well as how easily it flows from one line to the next. You are correct about the urgency of the form, especially used in the way that you do, with as few words as possible for each line. Loved this one, though.

  3. Dawn D

    I really liked all the references to films and songs and quotes and idioms in your poem!
    So what you don’t like about the Blitz form in general is what I like about it in your poem today 🙂
    As soon as we got to joker to the left, I started to look for other clues 😀

      1. Dawn D

        Nope, not at all! I mean, Joker to the left, then you skillfully introduce a clown… and I’m stuck in the poem with you 😛

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