Doors to nowhere

Doors to know where

Doors to now – here

Doors to – no, where?

Doors to know. Here.

October Poetry Month starts on a Thursday this year, so it comes with doors… I’m happy to be joining both #ThursdayDoors and #OctPoWriMo again.

The pictures of the doors were made in the summer, because I can’t pass beautiful doors without thinking about our weekly door gatherings Over at Norm’s online place.

These doors are prison doors, photographed in a prison museum. I had to make them with my selfie camera, because the normal one on my phone is still broken. The door that touched me the most was the one that had second world war “graffitti” on it. People who had been imprisoned for opposition agains the occupier (Nazi-Germany) had carved their names in the door.

34 thoughts on “Doors to nowhere

  1. Spiral Artist

    Oooh, I like the shifting of the same words to form new words and so new meanings. Going from a dismissive “to nowhere” to “know here.” The transition from nothing to everything. A strong start!

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you! I SO wish I could’ve done them in a normal way. I’m only able to use the selfie camera of my phone, the other one is broken. It’s a challenge. Though it brings some new creativity too sometimes 🙂

  2. Jesi Scott

    Hi Angela! Long time no see! Long time, no, see? LoL I loved this. Great word play. Can’t wait to see more! Sadly, my lunatic poet blog is not letting me have access (I’ve been fighting with my webhost for months now). We don’t know if someone has stolen my access or not so I’ve created a new blog home for now over at Blogger. I’ll probably have to create a new domain and start over. Sigh. Technology.
    Anyway, it’s good to see you again!

    1. Dawn D

      Nice to see you! I’ve been wondering about you!
      I’m still at the same place, still private for now, but may be opening up soon. Got myself an instagram account though, and a full pen name now… Dawn D. McKenzie 😉
      Thinking of diving into publishing sometime soon.
      Will you let me know what your blogger site’s link is?

      1. Angela van Son Post author

        I’ll find you on Instagram. I think my name on there is vansonangela, I’m not sure. Not enough words on there to be my favourite hangout 😉

        What do you mean with blogger’s site link? I’ll gladly let you know.

      2. Jesi Scott

        DAWN!!!!!! I’VE MISSED YOU! You don’t know how happy I am to hear from you. 😊
        My new site at blogger is:
        And I’m on instagram too as Peaseblossym. We need to do some catching up soon! Can’t wait to hear all your news! 🥰🥰🥰
        And Angela, I will find you on Instagram too. I’m not on that much either but I showcase my awesome ninja knitting skills. And my dogs. And my cats. And my kids. LoL

      3. Dawn D

        I’ll go look for you on Insta! Not that I’m very good at it (my kid handles it normally, so there is some backlow at the mo’, but it’s better than the FB account I was supposed to start and still haven’t 😉 :*

      4. Dawn D

        Oh, if you want to find Angela, it’s vanangelason (don’t listen to her, she knows not what she is saying 😉 )
        And I too am so happy to find you again. You’ll notice I couldn’t forget you, as my first two posts on there were inspired by your challenge, a long time ago 😉
        XX :*

  3. sustainabilitea

    Angela, I like playing with words and “nowhere” has always been a favorite for the many ways you can play it. Good for you on that and the doors as well. So you go through a door to a former prison to see the doors of the former prison on the wall. 🙂 The graffiti would be quite sobering, that’s for sure.


  4. deep26ti

    All doors have their own stories to tell.. loved your expression how you played with few words but a lot to think…
    Good to see the real doors with stories behind them.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I’ve been thinking of you! I just been off WordPress for a while, like I tend to do. I’ll come and find you in your usual place and catch up ❤

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