New service: handwritten poems

My partner is always on the look-out for excuses to use his fountains pens and the lovely collection of coloured inks he has. Writing my poems is kind of a zen exercise for him.

This is the first one he made for me, lovingly embraced by one of our housemates. I’m afraid the sloth is not for sale, but you can choose any poem from my website or my books and ask for a quotation.

Based on postage, delivery time, length of the poem and any other things that may be relevant to what you want the poem to like like, we can work out a price together. This is a brand new service so at the moment I’m as clueless about what to charge as you might be on what you think is a good price. My experience with the pricing of my coaching services is that there’s always something that works for both of us.

Message me at angela at (or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or whatever place that you know I hang out and that works for you).



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