Adjusting to closed doors

“Should we continue with Thursday Doors through this current Covid-19 pandemic?” That’s what #ThursdayDoor creator Norm asked in his weekly (door) post yesterday. Most participants were eager to keep going, even if dooscursions are impossible for many of us now. It looks like we’ll keep up the door posting, in any way we can make it work. If we can’t visit outdoors, we can at least visit each other’s doors. And feel part of our loving door community. And help each other with some beauty and human contact.

For me, these are strange times. Life had just gotten back to almost normal after months of broken foot immobility. I was working again, and earning money. I could ride my bicycle again and go places. I could go for walks, not too far and not too fast. And now I’m back to being almost house bound.

I’m not complaining. In my household everyone is healthy. My partner works from home and is still able to provide income for us. My son is not really enthusiastic about having to follow a schedule for homeschooling, but once he likes to learn in general, so not all of it is a struggle.

I guess I’m still in the adjustment phase. Trying to get used again to staying at home so much. Finding my way through the worries I have for people around me. My sister’s family is in quarantine, and both she and her partner are ill. They won’t get tested, there are not enough tests in the country to test everyone with flu-like symptoms.

I find it hard to concentrate on my work. The normally quiet house is filled with people with their own schedule, their own needs, their own plan. My partner is calm, collected and focused. I hope something of that will rub off on me 🙂

For now, I’m listening to Mongolian heavy metal with my headphones on, enjoying the regularity of searching for doors and inspiration for a blog post. I may go out for a walk later, we’re still allowed to as long as we keep our distance to other walkers.

Stay safe everyone! Let’s get through this together.


9 thoughts on “Adjusting to closed doors

  1. ivor20

    Hello Angela…..yes it’s a strange feeling… Saturday night here in Geelong, and the evening is peacefully quiet…. yes I’m listening to some Metal, ‘Solstafir’ from Iceland…. I think their heavy melancholic sound suits the vibes surrounding my haven tonight….. somehow my thoughts are drifting back to 15 months ago….. laying in hospital again… after suffering my third stroke…. and at that time…. my world was insecurely quiet, I wasn’t in charge of my body…… and somehow I’m relating those feelings, to today’s situation, when again, I’m not in charge of my body….. enough rambling I’ll send you some ‘Solstafir’, and you might understand why their music soothes me tonight…… stay safe… stay well..

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thanks for touching my heart with your words Ivor! ❤ I'm thinking of you and of not being in charge of our bodies. I'll listen to the song later, probably with my headphones on for optimal effect.

  2. Norm 2.0

    We’ll get through this craziness, I’m sure. In the meantime we’ll have fun hanging out on WP and sharing a few laughs together. Stay safe 🙂

  3. Dawn D

    Sending love. I may just get out for a walk. Because my kids are driving me nuts. Because, once again, for most of the older ones, the ex managed to mess with their heads and I’m the manipulative, controlling one. And since I break down in tears every time I open my mouth, to them it’s proof that I am trying to manipulate them with my emotions. When I’m just heartbroken with how unfair life is. 30 years down the line, he is still controlling my life, even if he is not in it any more. And getting people to tell me I should work harder at hardening myself. Not being such a f**ing pussy crying so easily for nothing, just toughen up, learn to take a joke, learn to take criticism, I don’t understand how difficult I made their lives. The reason they’re staying to live here is just so they can protect the younger ones. From me.
    And if I try to isolate in my room, I’m told off, because it’s not healthy to stay in your room all day long, Mom.
    Whatever I do is never good enough. I’m tired. And we’re in it for another month or so.
    Sorry, that’s a long ass comment. Probably going to turn it into a post.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I’ve been thinking about you! I’ve been too unorganised to visit, I’m sorry. Will catch up with reading and talk to you later.

      I’m sorry things are still so bloody tough!


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