A new door, another recording and a second anti-procrastination tool

My mother provided today’s door, just as the last two weeks. I’ll need to ask her where she found this pretty one, the file info doesn’t say. I love the colourful contrast.

I’m adding one of my reading experiments as today’s poem. It will be in the book with my mum for certain. Blurb didn’t manage to get the latest version of our document restored, so we’ll have to redo parts. I’ve asked them if they can find out what corrupted the file, so we can hopefully avoid that happening again.

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t write anything new for today. The teachers of my son’s school are on strike, for better wages and better working circumstances. So we have plans for today. Playing old fashioned games and going to the movies are some. I did write something new yesterday, but it’s not a poem. I’ve created a practical tool against #procrastination, this time about getting unblocked.

For more doors, hop over to #ThursdayDoor host Norm. I’m a fan. New gems every week.


11 thoughts on “A new door, another recording and a second anti-procrastination tool

  1. Manja Mexi Mexcessive

    A great door and unblocking tool and the poem too but I would prefer if you added it in written format too because I don’t hear so well (unless you don’t like to do it on purpose). But the best of all is hearing that you’re a fan. 🙂


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