Published by Scribe Base

Yay, I’ve just found that I’ve been published by Scribe Base! They accepted two of my poems: Irony and The door to another life.

There was a time that I was embarrassed to share what I’d written, so submitting poems to magazines was a big step for me. This year, when my foot was broken and I was sofa bound, I’ve made more submissions then ever before, because I wanted to do something useful with all that time that I was unable to work.

I probably still wouldn’t have dared, if I hadn’t known that sometimes my work gets accepted indeed, so it wasn’t as scary. In order of appearance:

Get me out of here – I’m not a silent poet

Back in the day – Arts Saves Lives Magazine

Seriously – Celebrating change

Things that could deliver – Auroras & Blossoms

3 thoughts on “Published by Scribe Base

  1. Manja Mexi Mexcessive

    Ohh, I love “Seriously” and the interview! As you say there: “When I see her live and she sings about revolution, every cell in my body believes that’s possible.” Yes, it happened to me too this November when I heard her live for the first time in Trieste. ❤ She is just wonderful.

      1. Manja Mexi Mexcessive

        It was in the most wonderful theatre I have ever seen, in Trieste. She was alone with one man who mostly played piano. She recited Rilke, and the next day – there were two sold out shows back to back – she recited Slovenian poet Srečko Kosovel. Quite a big deal for us. In Trieste! It was just glorious, the entire show.

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