See me
See through
See through my


See me
See me through
See me through my


I will show

Imagine walking through the woods and suddenly stumbling upon this… Today I was looking through old photos and came across this memory.

It was a few years ago. My son had looooooong swimming lessons, far away from home, and I happily killed time by walking through the nearby woods. Dutch woods aren’t very big so you often see buildings through the trees – an indication your almost out of the wood, so they tend to irritate me.

Stumbling upon these buildings felt like an adventure. Unexpected, exciting architecture – in the middle of nowhere! (As far is nowhere is to be found in my very small country). It turned out to be one of the earliest examples of building in concrete in the Netherlands. It used to be a sanatorium, and actually is a complex of buildings. Very modernistic. Very graceful.

If you like doors, head over to Norm who hosts doors and door posts from all over the world. Every Thursday we gather there to share our favourite doors and enjoy their beauty.

Landgoed zonnestraal te Hilversum

Audiotour (in Dutch)

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