Two socks door



It was a no-brainer what today’s door for #ThursdayDoor was going to be. The hospital door! This morning at 9 AM I went in there wearing just one sock and a cast. I came out wearing two socks… which is a spectacular feeling when that has been an impossibility for five months.

I’ll still have to walk on crutches with a special, supportive shoe for four weeks. But I can move my ankle again, I can touch my leg, I can try to move my toes… This seemingly endless period of immobility make me totally grateful for these small but big blessings.

After 5 months of no income I can use help in finding new coaching clients. If you like, you can help my sharing my cast-off celebration sale with people you know. Or buy a coaching voucher as a clutter free, environmentally friendly gift.

Just so you know: The topic can be ANYTHING, not just procrastination. Life, love, lust… Whatever someone would like to change in their life. Whatever they’d like to talk about to a good listener, who knows how to ask deepening questions and help you find your own answers.

For more Thusday Doors, head over to our host Norm.

8 thoughts on “Two socks door

  1. msgt3227

    Congrats on getting rid of the cast (I was trying to come up with a joke about “casting off”, but it was too much work for my brain this morning). Seeing hospital doors with the leaving-behind-of-the-cast resolution makes them a joyous sight!

  2. Dawn D

    I really like your choice of socks for your pic! I know how long recovery from so much immobility can be, but I hope it goes faster for you, somehow.

    How much are the voucher for?
    It’s a great gift idea! May get one for my brother….
    Of course, all I had to do was follow the links, silly me! 😀 great prices! 🙂


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