Get Well, Reuben Woolley

Yesterday I wrote about Reuben Woolley, today I’ve recorded a poem for him. I’m going to send the poem to him by messaging him through his Facebook Page. I’m sharing the link so you can join us in wishing him well if you like.

Unfortunately there’s another page I need to share, a medical fundraiser for our #OctPoWriMo host Morgan Dragonwillow. Here’s what she wrote today:
“I fell on October 13th and the orthopedist says I, at minimum, stretched/sprained my MCL and possibly tore it and the miniscus. According to the doc, at minimum I can’t work for six weeks and the medical bills are starting to add up as I do not have insurance. Emergency room was $2200, the orthopedist I do not have a total for today yet but I’m sure it is going to be at least several hundred with the x-rays and this special brace, not counting future visits. The MRI is $525 and if I need surgery, a whole lot more will be added. Of course I have my regular bills, aprox. $800 a month, of which I’ll also need help with until I can start working again.

I do not like having to ask for help, but if you can it would be greatly appreciated.”

You can also help by sharing her fundraiser.

If you want to read the poem instead of watching the video, you can find the original here.

6 thoughts on “Get Well, Reuben Woolley

  1. Dawn D

    I’ve just recorded one of mine to sent him. Thank you for the impulse. It’s the first time ever that I’ve recorded myself reading a poem. I’ll send it to you by email, if you wish 🙂


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