Off the road

Don’t know where I am going
Don’t know where I have been
I’m on a road to nowhere
No destination to be seen

Don’t see a speed sign when there is one
Don’t know how to slow down
I’ve been on the road to nowhere
From the day I left our town

When I wake up in the morning
I get myself a beer
I know the future is uncertain
But the end cannot be near
I’m on a road to nowhere
living in high gear

I know what I am knowing
I can’t say what I have seen
It make me take this road to nowhere
I’m not who I have been

Here on this dark desert highway
If I ever see a shimmering light
and I smell the smell of colitas
I will stop for the night

If they dance in the courtyard,
then – and only then
I will stay off off this road to nowhere
And I’ll never get back again





2 thoughts on “Off the road

  1. Angela van Son Post author

    My brain started with “On the road again”, by Willy Nelson, which turned into Off the road again, which brought the title.

    Let me see… Here I go again (Whitesnake), Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads), A Doors song I don’t remember the title of, Hotel California (The Eagles).

    if the last line was “I’d never go back again” I would have mentioned Fleetwood Mack, but I wrote Never get back again so that’s just a coincidence 🙂


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